Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Storyteller

Evan and his cousin Chloe last week at the zoo with a bald eagle

Evan's big into story telling lately. It's fun to see his imagination working as he puts his little tales together. This morning at the breakfast table, after we had our Bible time, Evan said he wanted to tell us all a God story. He never did get to a part about God, but I thought it was a cute story....thought I'd share it here. If nothing else, I figure his Gramma B will enjoy it. :-) It went like this. (these are the actual words he used, pretty much verbatim.)

Once upon a time there was a daddy named Daddy and he lived in the Burhans house. His name was Ben Burhans and he loved all the people in his family. One day he had a tiny hole in his shoe. So he took his shoe to his mommy, Gramma Burhans, and asked for new shoes. Grandma Burhans said "No. It is just a tiny hole. You don't need new shoes." Then a bad idea came into Ben Burhans' head. He took some scissors and made the hole bigger. It was a biggest hole. Then he showed it to his mommy, Gramma Burhans. "Look it is a biggest hole", said Ben Burhans. Gramma Burhans saw the hole and knew Ben Burhans must have used scissors or a knife to make the hole biggest. So she took Ben Burhans and put him on the couch.....because he was a little boy. She said, "Sit here and think about what you should do next time." Ben Burhans thought and knew what he should do next time. The End.