Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tribute to my Terrific Three Year Old Twins

When they say time flies, they aren't kidding! Last Friday, my fraternal twin boys, Carter and Derek turned 3. It is unfathomable in my mind that that is possible. Ben and I were given a great blessing in the birth of our boys. We went from thinking we'd never be able to have any, to having 4! And God gave us 2 at a time, to boot. The whole process was a blessing....two babies who were conceived at the moment we were about to give up hope...each one growing and developing right on complications during the pregnancy...carrying the babies until 37 1/2 uneventful c-section delivery producing 2 healthy little boys, weighing 5# 9oz and 5# 6oz...taking the boys home from the hospital with me a few days later. I was very aware that not every story of twins has such happy outcomes, and I was so thankful for God's ever present hand, forming, shaping, and sustaining my boys.
Well, Carter entered this world 2 minutes ahead of his "little" brother Derek. We were surprised at how little they looked alike. It was precious to look over from my hospital bed to the isolet they were sharing, and see them snuggled against each other. We took this picture of them sharing a boppy pillow on my bed. I love how they entwined their legs...I think they felt at home...having been used to each other's constant touch in the womb. They were so tiny their little ankle bands kept falling off.

Carter & Derek
This was one of my favorite views around our house when the boys were little. Ben would snuggle them up on his chest, and all 3 would fall asleep. There was something remarkable about holding 2 babies in your arms...nothing like it, except nursing 2 babies at once. It was enough to make your heart feel too big for your body.

Carter, Ben & Derek

And this just may be my favorite picture of all time....
I really need to frame this for the boys and pull it out everytime they argue, don't you think?
They were 4 weeks old, and I put them in their boppy pillow to hang out for a minute while I got their clothes ready. And this is what I found, and had to catch on camera. Now it looks all sweet in the picture, like Carter is soothing Derek with a sweet kiss, right? Truth be told, if you had been in my house that morning you would have heard loud sucking sounds. They were hungry, and since Mommy was busy, they started sucking on each other. I love this picture, and honestly, looking at it makes my heart long for those days again, and makes me want to cry.
That 1st year went by so fast, I guess you'd call it a blur. When the boys were 5 months old, I found out I was pregnant again. The next 7 months were busy, dealing with nursing 2 babies and caring for them, taking care of my 3 year old who was potty training, changing LOTS of diapers, dealing with morning sickness and the encumberances of pregnancy, and getting the house ready for another baby. I wish I could have slowed that year down a bit, but time waits for no baby, and they just kept growing.

Carter & Derek at 1 year old

The next year didn't go by any slower. A few weeks after the boys' 1st birthday, Owen was born. That second year was busy too. And of course, the boys didn't slow down a bit. It was a fun year though, watching their personalities develop. Even though they had a baby brother, and by all accounts should have been jealous, they adjusted remarkably well. Perhaps it was a blessing they had each other during that time. And they were trying on their independence too.

Carter, Mommy & Derek on their 2nd birthday

And this last year, it's been a wild ride...the teachable twos...but so much fun too. They are funny funny little guys, and we are so proud of them. They are learning so much, expanding their vocabulary, love singing, love their family, and have smiles and laughter that fill my home with joy. I am privileged to be their mommy.

Carter & Derek with each other's side of the cake. Derek wanted Thomas the Tank Engine, and Carter wanted the Tractor Tippin scene from CARS.
They had a great birthday, and it was a special day for Ben and I too. It's not so bad that they are growing up...we love this stage of their life. They loved the new swingset that Ben built for them, they had a great time at Hoffman's Playland, and they got to share their celebration with their Nana and Papa this year. Watching their face light up when they saw their cake was precious. Seeing them have a blast on the rides was sweet. And reflecting on the 3 years of joy they have brought to my heart was priceless.
Enjoy each minute.
"Quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep. I'm rocking my babies, and babies don't keep."