Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Surprises Left and Right

Check out my inspiration on my other post and let me know what you think of my idea. Comments wanted!

And aren't my guys just wonderful?

Well, I ended up getting another unplanned Mother's Day gift, which will arrive a day late. The board on our refrigerator fried yesterday. You don't usually use the word fried with a refrigeration appliance, huh? Well, it doesn't work well when you mix those two. Our frig is DOA. Of course, I had just gone grocery shopping the day before so it was stocked. But, I am so thankful that my parents live right next door. We were able to save everything, except leftovers. I won't cry over that. :-) We stuck everything we could into our freezer downstairs, took frig items over to my mom's frig, and have produce and condiments in coolers. So, completely unplanned, we went shopping last night for a new refrigerator. It's a little stressful having to act on such a large expense so quickly. But we think we found a great deal. Our situation is a little complicated because of the size of the boxed in space we have for our frig. We never realized it doesn't accomodate normal size refrigerators, since this frig was here when we purchased the house. So, we had fewer options, and those options tend to be more expensive because they are not the "average" size. So, it cost a little more to get what we needed for our family of 6, but we made a decision and the nice salesman helped us get delivery a little faster, and it will be delivered on Monday.

So, we are spending 3 days without a refrigerator. You really don't realize how important one is until yours is dead. In fact, I found myself repeatedly trying to open it, so Ben decided to make it easier on me and just get it out of the house. Which is a blessing because the thing stings like, well, have you ever smelled something electrical after it fried? It was stinking up my kitchen, so now it is gracing my deck.

Oh, and I'm very thankful that God allowed it to happen when we were home, and could act quickly. It would have been bad if we had been gone on vacation or something!

So, my poor husband spent alot more on me on this Mother's Day weekend than he would have ever dreamed of. But, one nice thing was, we spent the whole evening together, and we got to have a quiet dinner out together too. See, I'm really breaking the bank this weekend, aren't I?

Ben said he's going to have fun trying to cook on Mother's Day for me. :-) Oh, well, this is life, right? Things break down, money gets spent, time gets eaten up, hassles ensue. But Mother's Day is the perfect time to remember that what is most important in my life is still intact, costs no money (well, technically), makes the best use of time, and brings lots of joy and family!

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